LPILE Manual – Lpile is a special purpose program that can analyze a pile or drilled shaft under lateral loading. The program computes. User’s Manual for LPile (Using Data Format Version 9). A Program to Analyze Deep Foundations Under Lateral Loading. by. William M. Isenhower, Ph. D. User’s Manual forLPile, Version 6 A Program for the Analysis of Deep Foundations Under Lateral Loading.

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L-Pile Input Data We’ve never had the geotech run the program.

LPILE Plus v / GROUP v (3-D)

The program allows for up to piles in a group, and each pile can have diffrent EI values in orthogonal directions. It’s easy to join and it’s free.

The report or an addendum would provide lateral movements to the structural engineer. It took me about 2. Download Now White Paper: The user can customized charts to prepare various engineering plots in high quality for presentation and report. The graphical observation of output curves features a new interface that allows zooming of areas of particular interest. The program wil generate internally the nonlinear response of the soil, in the form of t-z and q-q curves for axial loading, in the form of p-y curves manuak lateral loading.

LPILE Plus for Windows: Technical Manual by Lymon C. Reese | LibraryThing

The main difference is the analysis approach. Several pile lengths may be automatically checked by the program in order to help the user produce a design with an optimum pile penetration.


The good thing about it, it only takes me 15 to 20 minutes to get my results. Values are helpful as nonlinear foundation models in superstructure analysis. That and a soil structure interaction class is really beneficial. AllPile by CivilTech Software has a good soil properties input screen. Defense manufacturing is all about project manufacturing and project accounting.

LPILE Manual

N is the number of blows per foot I believe. Thank you so mznual for the help! Special procedures are programmed for developing p-y curves for layered soils and for rocks. See attached screen shot. More importantly, the program plots the force and displacement on the pile cap, such as the axial force tension and compression of each pile on the pile cap, llateral forces shear and moment of each pile on the pile cap, and the displacement of the pile cap in different directions.

A set of distributed lateral loading may be applied anywhere along the length of the pile. I have seen some geotech reports where they have a table with all the info I need for L-Pile is in it, which was really convenient and helpful, but recently, I have recieved two reports that didnt have that. Students Click Here Join Us! You should probably discuss these issues with your geotech.

I will definitely reach for those books. Later on, if you find you are doing these analysis more frequently, then get a copy of “Single Piles and Pile Groups Under Lateral Loading”, 2nd ed. User-defined multipliers are provided to increase or reduce the soil resistance p-y curves at any points along the length of the pile.


These two programs yield very close results.

On granular sites, Lateral Foundation gives slightly more conservative results more deflection -I think this is because the lateral subgrade values have been limited a bit. LPILE Plus has the capability to perform push-over analyses and can study the pile behavior after the development of plastic manuql yielding.

LPILE Plus 5.0 for Windows: Technical Manual

So I am not sure if the reports just arent complete, or is it hidden somehwrere and I just mznual know? Testing, Design and Remediation”, F. When I use it, I’m just determining a point of fixity for the pier design. Several pile lengths can be automatically checked by the LPILE Plus program in order to help the user produce a design with an optimum pile penetration.

The program uses LPile for lateral analyses and also does other analyses. These are from “Soil Engineering: Resources Digital Transformation may be defined in a number of different ways by analysts or enterprise software vendors.