It took me over 6 months to dig into every aspect of the “prototypes” (the leaves of the big tree). Then I could build more complex patches (the branches of the. The preeminent DSP system is Kyma by Symbolic Sound. You derive your own sounds from an assortment of prototypes which are complete enough to make. Our work is largely experimental, and is not intended to substitute the excellent Kyma spectral processing native prototypes. Rather, we hope to extend them into .

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In the Yellow Box: Just wanna comment that you have a very nice websiteI love the pattern it actually stands out. Virtual Control Surface Interface. I’m not sure what I have and haven’t saved at that point. Everything runs in series but each block has his own bypass toggle.

I decided to record a recent Canon model click and tweak it kymq a sample kyms that I have previously built in Kyma.

I think I’ve already saved A, but being a newbie, I’m nervous about it. Sweet action Jed, this is a great blog! Both A and B have yellow traingles next to them and I want to keep changes to A but discard those for B.

E-MAIL required – will not be published. Obviously, only a little percentage of that was used, because some of it was intended for some other projects. Sound Design Digging in Kyma. For example, you could create a mix, complete with panning, on a quad set up in your own studio, bring it into another studio or performance space where they have a full surround sound set up, and all you would have to do is to change the preferences in order for your timeline to pan over all 5 speakers and use the subwoofer.


Try to delay a sound under 30 ms and add a bit of feedback to it. As I was reading Kyma X Revealed! Puzzle solutions At the top of the second column just before the heading Harmonics puzzle from pagechange ‘rustDrump5. From Left to right: Building your own blocks. Signal Flow Editor Double-click on a Sound in the timeline or Sound browser to see how it was created.

kyma•tweaky: Learn KymaManual

Jean-Edouard Miclot June 18th, Click here to cancel reply. Hi Jean, This all sounds like it could be done with SpectrumWorx!

If you combine the quick-responsiveness of Kyma’s controls with some physical MIDI faders, you can enjoy that same feeling you get from tweaking the parameters on a hardware synth. Steve July 20th, This includes spring coils and slinkies, electromagnetic fields recorded with guitar pickups, neonodium magnets, motors, servos, gadgets and gizmos, metal impacts and underwater metal impacts, wobble boards, car doors, washing machines, sewing machines, dumpsters, bungee cords, elastics, slingshots, balloons, wine glasses, chairs, prototyppes dragging bags on carpets etc.

Sound Effects Recording & Sound Design Blog

GiGi March 2nd, Im trying to emulate your Wall-E patch…. Brad Hillman August 28th, Since it doesn’t work to drop it just anywhere between Noise white pprototypes the speaker nothing happensthe plus sign a seemed to be the thing that wanted to have things dropped on it and b the only thing I prktotypes find – at least at first – that would work. Missing argument 2 for wpdb:: Just started using Kyma.


Use MIDI pitch-bend to scrub. You can also record your Virtual Control Surface and MIDI fader moves, or extract a frequency or amplitude envelope from an audio signal and use it as a controller.

Sounds are organized in categories, and there is a Find command to help you search. For example, a sound can be just a parameter of another sound parameter that controls one parameter of a totally different sound.

Prototyeps could think of the timeline as a “process scheduler”. Examine and edit the parameters of the selected module in the lower half of the signal flow editor. Thanks Lematt for the tips.

Click the selector button to try out an effect on a sample from your own library. Listen at each step along the signal path, or edit the Sound by modifying, adding, deleting, or replacing modules. I really wanted to go kymma and use some fresh sounds instead of picking up from my libraries.

In the Browser, this would be all the Sounds in the indented list below the Sound File name. Kyma’s spectrum editor shows time from left to right and frequency from prorotypes to high.