Gyo (ギョ?, Fish) is a horror manga by Junji Ito. It also includes a pair of bonus stories, titled The Enigma of Amigara Fault and The Sad Tale of the. Gyo 2-in-1 Deluxe Edition [Junji Ito] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Something is rotten in Okinawa The floating smell of death hangs. Gyo Manga – Read Gyo chapters online for free on TenManga Read Free Author(s):Ito Junji Alternative(s): ギョ~うごめく不気~; Gyo – The Eerie Wriggle.

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But an amazing artistic accomplishment, because you thought it could only happen with words ala Stephen King novels or Hitchcock movies, with music and images and dialogue. Esta historia ocupa unas 25 paginas. As he sits mournfully in front of Yoshida’s hole, he drops his flashlight and discovers in horror his own hole, located near Yoshida’s.

The floating smell of death hangs over the island. Fish and dead things on creepy machines hunting people down. Archived from the original on October 29, Roosevelt “We have nothing to fear but fear itself, and deep sea denizens that sprout legs and come ashore in a frenzied feeding rampage.

Gyo is a manga series created by Junji Ito. But, like Ed Wood, the B-movie-type schlock Ito produces is entertaining in its sheer lunacy.

Upon switching the machine on, Koyanagi is mortally wounded by Kaori, who quickly escapes.

Gyo by Junji Ito

Fortune junjo praised the pacing of the story although noted that the plot contradicts itself later in the volume. Feb 23, Pelidelasemana rated it really liked it. The invasion spreads to the rest of Japan jto eventually the world, before moving to the next, much more horrific stage.

Weird and unexplainable, it has a deep, dark fears level of dread that one might find “a hole made for me”. A short while later, Tadashi returns to find Koyanagi missing an arm.

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She and Tadashi tried to escape and went to Koyanagi’s lab.

Thankfully some demented soul answered in the affirmative and Ito was commissioned to do two images for a Halloween series last fall. Archived from the original on March 5, That being said it was still a very well done and very well drawn manga. It is pretty amazing, almost laughable how he pulls it off with. The creatures are eventually revealed to consist of a small metallic, legged structure with the carcass of a dead animal and later, human strapped on top.

InformationGeek All reviews 70 people found this review helpful. Searching for her, Tadashi notices that most of the walking fish have iunji, and that the walking machines are now carrying infected citizens instead. Archived from the original on October 22, Ultimately, she becomes like the walking dead creatures, except for one quality – she has a will of her own.

Edit- Thoughts as of July 30th, Apr 10, Sam Quixote rated it liked it. View all 10 comments. The former is the shorter story, merely consisted of four pages, compared to the latter’s thirty-one pages.

13 Extremely Disturbing Junji Ito Panels

His father developed a “walking machine”, which pumps the virus into a host and causes the host to release the gas which powers the machine’s movement; walking machines were built to carry the hosts farther, allowing them to reach and sicken enemy troops. The story revolves around a couple, Tadashi and Kaori, as they fight to survive gyi a mysterious horde of undead fish with metal legs powered by an odor known as the itto stench”.

Mar 3, 4: I live near a seaside city and I know the stench of fish and the putrid smell of rotten ones. Gyo was creepy, but when the story is too long, it has a tendency to lose the horror effect over time and get over explained.


Gyo Chapter 12 Discussion Zinvinz – Mar 4, Here is the creepiest masterpiece of horror manga ever from the creator of Uzumaki, Junji Ito. He is last seen as the Citrous circus and other walking machines attempt to bring him down by gas cannon; they manage to puncture his balloon, but his machine extends metallic wings and escapes.

Death Stench World: Junji Ito’s GYO

There are quite a few misses in Gyo plot-wise but it manages to deliver a genuine horror experience in the graphic novel medium. It was released in Febuary 15, Feb 23, Fatoni M rated it really liked it.

It’s as good and as disturbing as Uzumaki, but the end was just flat and ok. Another insane and particularly nauseating work of creative deviancy and bodily horror from macabre manga fabulist Junji Ito.

Later, it is found that the Japanese Army was researching germs that produce the death stench during World War II in a desperate effort to turn the tide of the war. As Liz Lemon would say, a family like this is a real dealbreaker.

Kaori escaped and fled. View all 9 comments. In the beginning it shows that he loves scuba. Big Comic Spirits Statistics Score: In his words, the inspiration came from Steven Spielberg ‘s Jaws: Or at the very least disturbed. Shogakukan collected the chapters into two bound volumes from February to May Don’t get me wrong, the story is fantastic, but this one relies more on the top-notch, realistic artwork and a lot of weird biologic extremes. It is truly original.

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