Form (Rev. ). Form (November ). Department of the Treasury – Internal Revenue Service. Consent for Third Party Contact. 2 Appointee. If you wish to name more than one appointee, attach a list to this form. Check here if a list of additional appointees is attached ▷. Name and. Instructions for Completing Form D for Penalty Proposals .. Form ,Third Party Contact Authorization Form, (if applicable). Case file.

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Examiners should follow existing procedures for requesting relevant tax return related information. Information received from a third party 112180 the third party initiates the contact. Examiners are expected to consider collectibility during the pre-contact phase of examinations as a factor in determining the scope and depth see IRM 4. If there is an address change for either or both of the spouses: Pre-contact Responsibilities and section 3 of this chapter.

Specific requirements igs examiners are outlined in section 2. Tell the taxpayer that the IRS will not maintain or provide a record of the authorized contacts.

Income tax examiners and their managers should thoroughly acquaint themselves with the examination procedures and information contained in this IRM. An examiner may become aware of address changes from information in the case file, such as transcripts or from or from the taxpayer swhen address verification is done see 1.

The taxpayer name on all examination report s will always be the joint name as it appears on the return. Honoring a valid power-of-attorney submitted by a taxpayer is always required unless the criteria for bypassing the power-of-attorney has been met see Power-of-Attorney for more information.

Examiners should always inform taxpayers of the appeal rights available to them related to their examination.

The following criteria applies to the use of these forms: Since employees in general program examination groups seldom contact third parties, we will issue the general notice only when it becomes necessary to contact a third party.


Ira for name and contact number on these office audit letters will remain unchanged.

Remarkably, he always seems to have his clients come fprm on the winning side. This is particularly important in situations that may involve subsequent contacts with confidential informants. However, before the publication of the revenue procedure, Appeals may accept such cases, on a case-by-case basis.

Section of the Internal Revenue Service Restructuring and Reform Act RRA 98 requires that during personal and telephone contacts and on all manually generated correspondence by an employee working tax related issues, an employee title e.


Depending on the facts and circumstances, fprm employee may be able to make the reprisal determination based upon facts already known. All examiners must perform their professional responsibilities in a way that supports the IRS Mission.

If correspondence is not individually approved, managers must develop some type of ongoing review process to ensure the quality of correspondence. IRC Section extended the attorney-client privilege in noncriminal cases to communications between taxpayers and other federally authorized tax practitioners. Procedures for determining the appropriate name and unique identification number if applicable on all other statutory notices can be found in the Statutory Notice. Copies of forms and letters referenced in this chapter are generally not included as exhibits since the latest versions should always be used and they will be available in electronic format on the Multi-Media Website.

If unknown, use a descriptive term such as neighbor, business associate, etc. During the first contact either by telephone or in personthe examiner must fform that the known mailing address is still correct for each of the spouses.

The use of iirs issued pseudonyms continues to be authorized. In all personal contacts with taxpayers and representatives, examiners should always be courteous and professional. Examiners should assist taxpayers in solving any tax problems identified during an examination, even if the problems are not associated with the examination.


Keep Form in the case file. When it is determined that a third party contact is necessary, examiners must review the case file to verify whether the taxpayer has received the required notification either Notice with appropriate cover letter or Letter for all tax periods under examination. If providing third party information to the taxpayer may subject any person to reprisal, the IRS is not required to provide the taxpayer with notification of the third party contact.

IRS Agent’s responsibility to taxpayer

Examination policy requires that taxpayers are formally notified of their appeal rights and other related rights through the use of Publication 1, Your Rights as a Taxpayer, Publication 5, Appeal Rights and Preparation of Protests for Unagreed Cases, PublicationThe IRS Collection Process and NoticeHelpful Contacts for your “Notice of Deficiency”see specific instructions for notification in section 2, Precontact Responsibilities and section 8 of this chapter.

Both the number of hours charged to a case and the span of time the case is open must be reasonable. Browsing, or any unauthorized access of taxpayer information by any IRS employee, constitutes a serious breach of the confidentiality of that information and will not be tolerated See 1. Letter DO will list all third party contacts made after the later of: Taxpayers or authorized tax practitioners may question whether specific communications are privileged.

The form if used will be forwarded to the appropriate manager at the end of the business day or as soon as practicable. Searches made on computer databases which do not require any personal involvement on the other end e.