Noteshelf 2 offers by far the best handwriting feeling! iPad + Apple Pencil FREE Giveaway Competition – Click Here. 02 d. 12 h PDF Annotation 10 / Common Evernote Sync Error · Before Reinstalling the App · For Minor Issues – Restart your iPad · Found a bug? Restoring Issues With iTunes Method?. Forget drawing: Want to take notes on your iPad or annotate . Noteshelf, $ This app combines many of my favorite Notability and.

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noteshefl It gives crisp results which are easy to share on email or social media. This is HUGE for me, so hoping if anyone else finds this feature necessary anmotate avoid this app. Try it out, go Mojave! Take notes on iPad or iPhone and keep them synced across all devices with iCloud. It has a zoom feature, but it opens a smaller window at the bottom of the screen and is not intuitive to use.

When I see my friends using an iPad, I always recommend this app. We love the new Mojave OS. Noteshelf 2 – powerful note-taking app.

Just a few other comments: Mar 4, Version Fixed a bug in the Evernote Publish feature that causes the sync to stall with ‘Hourly Rate Limit’ error. Airmail – Your Mail With You. Unique to Noteshelf is the ability to create the look and feel of paper I loved notexhelf paper and books on shelf.

The Press Love Us.


Review: Noteshelf 2 – powerful note-taking app – TapSmart

Sync and share them with your colleagues, friends, and family! Notebooks can be stacked according to theme. You ilad also use categories to keep Personal and Business notes separate. If you’re notfshelf Noteshelf, we’d appreciate it if you took the time to leave us a review, Thanks! I have been using Notabilty and have LOVED it, but find organizing notes into files or folders not great – that, noteshlf with syncing to Evernote lead me here Personalize them with beautiful covers and organize them into categories or groups.

Nothing has felt so natural ever but Noteshelf. So, in concept this is a solid app I have tried accessing my notes from my DropBox since it has a feature that auto-backups, but I was not able to open my notebooks at all because currently there is no Mac software that can open and view nbt files.

Compared to the others I tried, I liked Noteshelf’s responsiveness.

:: Welcome to Noteshelf ::

Our automatic shape detection tool does the magic for you! Feel the joy of writing.

Join us in making Noteshelf 2 better at note-taking. Noteshelf gives me the ability to capture all of those items and get them into Evernote where I can access them anytime, anywhere.

I have so much love for Noteshelf! Compatibility Requires iOS 9. Fixes an issue where the app may crash rarely due to a memory leak.

Create new notes and manage your notes better with Siri Shortcuts. You can also use the zoom option to add details to your drawing.

Many Covers and Papers. The basic paper templates fill the entire screen of the new iPad Pro. Make your notes personal! You can now talk to Siri to get things noteshelff in Noteshelf. I flip over to a different app for that Particularly when that app costs a fair chunk of change.


Noteshelf-2 can do this capability with ease already. And the Sync to Evernote is nice Description Noteshelf lets you take beautiful handwritten notes and annotate PDFs. Beyond the process of creating words and diagrams, Noteshelf 2 lets you scan in documents and then highlight and annotate them. Despite that, there’s no discernible lag when sketching. Minor bug fixes and stability improvements.

The app recognizes your poor attempts to draw shapes. I have yet to find an app that beats the quality of this one. Let your thoughts flow as you write through the most fluid digital note-taking app. You opad now customize your ‘Add Menu’ in the toolbar.

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Airmail – Your Mail With You. You can access them from any device via the native Evernote apps.

I noticed how fluid and accurate writing on Noteshelf is and I soon discovered that it is also excellent for drawing. Go ahead, tap on ‘More. Siri Get things done within this app using just your voice. I always keep coming back to this app for everything.