The Furuno LS is the little brother to the LS with a slightly smaller screen size, but with all of the power and features to satisfy both entry level and more. Furuno LS Fishfinder is a high contrast monochrome fishfinder with a large screen designed for small craft. Furuno LS has 5 display pages including. The Furuno LS is a dual frequency fish finder designed for small pleasure craft. It features a waterproof 5” high-definition silver bright LCD.

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This may require a certain amount of experimentation for fine tuning at high cruising speeds. When choosing a location keep the following in mind: When the power is reappliedafter turning off the equipment withminimum brilliance, minimum brilliancewill be set after the equipment goesthrough its initial start up. Troubleshooting tableIf…neither echo norfixed range scaleappearsno echo appearsbut the fixedrange scaleappears1. Nothing appears if no connector furunk connected.

Furuno LS-4100 Manuals

Fire fhruno electrical shock can result if thepower is left on. Page 40 Establishing the groundLocknutThe ground wire 1. Position the second cable clamp halfway between the first clamp and the cable hole.


Electronic chart display and information system pages. Mount the sensor close to the centerline of the boat. Electronic chart display and information system ecdis pages. During the developmental phase the reliability and availability of the WAAS signal cannot be guaranteed.

Automatic function permits unattended adjustment of range and gain. Requires appropriate nav data. Position the second cable clamphalfway between the first clamp andthe cable hole.

The cursorappears along with waypoint entryinstructions. The squares at the right side of thetest display are for checking thecontrols. Therefore, the 50 kHzfrequency is useful for general detectionand judging bottom condition.

Page 8 Note 1: If excessivenoise shows on the screen, the groundmay be inadequate.

If a hole has been drilled in the transom, open the appropriate slot in the transom cable cover. Below is thebasic menu operating procedure.

Mark this mounting hole. Page 17 MENU from page 2 on the menu.

5″ LCD SOUNDER LS | Fish Finder | Products | FURUNO

Other Menu Items Temperature Depth Press each key and thearrows on the Cursor Pad one byone. Transom Mount Transducer Construction of fairing block 3. The lower thefrequency of the signal, the wider thedetection area. Always wear safetygoggles and a dust mask.


Theprocedure for this is shown later. Fill the gap between the wedge front of the transducer and transom with epoxy material to eliminate any air spaces. Adjusts lw contrastand brilliance.

Download Instructions Manuals: Furuno LS Sounders

Tell us about it. Page 1 or Page 2 ofthe main menu appears dependingon the page last used. Sediment in the water or reflectionsfrom plankton may be painted on thedisplay in low intensity tones.

Fish school clearly shown White line Always wear safety goggles and a dust 44100. If you feel your unit is not workingproperly, conduct the diagnostic test tofind the problem. Only qualified personnel should workinside the equipment. The transducer may be damaged. The transmission speed for both input and output is bps.

Menu Operating Procedure 1. Selects basic display range. Page 9 Single la displayDual frequency display50 kHzThe 50 kHz picture appears on the left;the kHz picture on the right.