Solembum told Eragon that when all seemed lost and his power was insufficient, to speak his name to the Rock of Kuthian in order to open the Vault of Souls. Inheritance – Or The Vault Of Souls – Inheritance, Book Four [Christopher Inheritance Cycle 4-Book Trade Paperback Boxed Set (Eragon, Eldest, Brisingr. tl;dnr:** The Eldunarí “influenced” Selena and Brom, Eragon’s parents, to fall in love, and for Selena to betray / turn on Morzan and.

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Becoming a mother [to Murtagh] and meeting Brom altered Selena so much that her True name in the Ancient Language changed, making her a different person. Eragon pulls out his mind from Glaedr to allow rragon some alone time, but Glaedr decides to show his true name since Eragon and Saphira showed theirs to him.

Eragon thought to himself. This isn’t what you’d expect at all. Well, probably not much more than it did before.

Tune in next time for the next exciting chapter! So, again, why is there such drama over Solembum lying? However, instead of killing Brom herself, or alerting Morzan, Selena instead decides to talk to Brom. What does this mean for readers and Book 4? They do this by influencing Brom – their “useful weapon” – to o a child of his own Since the flash didn’t work as far as I know, here’s the Nostalgia Critic’s song Boring.

So his true name is an autobiography? That having been said, it does nothing to souos doubt on the rest of your theory.


This, of course, includes the ultimate defeat of Galbatorix, which Eragon and Saphira had yet to accomplish at that time. The names were stripped from memories and existence — people were no longer able to recall or refer to these dragons by their names. Brom, having killed Morzan, recovered and hid Saphira’s egg where he knew the Varden would recover her, then traveled as fast as he could to Morzan’s castle, but for all his speed, he was too late: Umaroth reveals an interesting piece of information – that, not only did they know of Eragon’s existence, and his identity as Brom’s son, but that they deliberately sent Saphira’s egg to Eragon, likely because of that fact.

Last time we left off, Eragon was about to tell Saphira his Twu Naime. Eragon was one of few Solembum has ever chosen to communicate with, which Angela notes as being rare and special.


While Anakin was conceived from the Force, his story is very different from that of Eragon’s. Eragon and Saphira were able to locate the only remaining piece of brightsteel under the roots of the Menoa tree — steel they used to forge his new Rider sword, Brisingr.

We thought there was a chance – a small one, but a chance nonetheless – that you might prove to be a fit match for her. Saphira steps up to the plate next and proudly states her true name. Selena probably thought that Brom would never actually be able to get away with killing Morzan.

Selena had died only a few hours earlier, despite having been treated by Morzan’s healers for the fortnight before her death. This caused resentment on Selena’s part towards Morzan. We [dragons] are not cowards, and we do not hide when we fight, but even dragons may lie in wait, so as to catch their prey by surprise Arya was able to offer the pair little little information. Galbatorix, aside from Morzan and Selena, was one of the few who knew about Murtagh’s birth.

Both Oromis and Arya struggled to remember the name of the Rock of Kuthian, yet both acknowledged an odd feeling at the back of their mind as if they knew of the Rock at one point in time. Morzan did not notice this change as in his arrogance, he still believed she was infatuated with him and had not cast spells designed to protect him in case her loyalty to him ended and continued to believe she was still dependable.

Brom, on the other hand, was “blinded by his passion and rage”, and had zero formal training as a spy himself.

Is Kuthian an Ancient Guardian? Rule 8 – Unapproved advertising Whether you want to promote your podcast, Youtube channel or blog, we do ask that you contact the eraogn team via mod mail before you post, but we are more likely to turn you down if it is not FanTheory related.

As Paolini has confirmed in an interview, being the child of a Dragon Rider – even an evil one, such as Morzan – gives that child a “slightly higher” chance of becoming a Dragon Rider themselves. Evidence makes for a good theory, this will be judged at the discretion of the mods.

As the Varden were plotting to steal the three dragon eggs from Galbatorix, Selena – who would’ve presumably be tasked with hunting down and retrieving said eggs – would’ve been one of the biggest challenges the Varden would’ve faced. Things tend to sparkle eraon the sunlight. It’s also worth noting that Brom eragkn was once friends with Morzan, and trained alongside Morzan as a Dragon Rider.


Oh I wonder what that could be! However, if this was done — how were Solembum and Eragon able to recall and discuss these names?

Chapter Fifty-Four: The Vault of Souls

I like Eragon as the unlikely hero as opposed to the chosen one. Morzan often took advantage of Brom’s unflagging admiration, making him “blind as a bat”. This has left little time for Eragon and Saphira to actively pursue leads on what the prophecy revealed; however, Eragon has chosen to confide parts of the prophecy in two elves whom he trusts implicitly in hopes that either of them may be aware of information which could help him and Saphira learn more about the Rock, Vault and their whereabouts.

On a few rare occasions, our presence was noted, but no one was ever able to determine who or what we were.

Chapter Fifty-Four: The Vault of Souls: antishurtugal

thd They had already invested much of their time, and effort, in “influencing” Eragon coming into existence for this very point, this very purpose – and, given the range and extent of their magic, I find it highly doubtful that they would hinge all of their bets on a “small chance” – especially if there was so much at stake, and much larger odds that things would go very awry.

To answer your question, it fits much better with how Paolini describes Selena’s character, as opposed to her rragon suspecting anything, or being wholly ignorant. Rule 2 – Please provide evidence Evidence makes for a good theory, this will be judged at the discretion of the mods. Umaroth, too, touches upon this: So, how will or could this play out in the future?

She also probably thought he was taking eraon a suicide mission, attempting to infiltrate Morzan’s castle by himself, or thought he was “just dumb” for doing so.