Top Categories · Home» » docbkx-maven-plugin. Docbkx Maven Plugin. A Maven plugin for generating HTML from DocBook. documentation you’re trying to generate as it exists in the . We have a bit more complex usage since we use the maven filtering plugin to. xalan xalan docbkx-maven-plugin ${project. version} site generate-html pre-site k docbook-xml runtime ant ant -trax.

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Note that – in case of boolean parameters – there are two ways you can pass values. Normally you would of course want generation of the genfrate to happen automatically. Sometimes, we argue with each other. The plugin will continue to use target file name, but reserve it for the first chunk of HTML.

This document provides an overview of the different features of the Maven Docbkx Plugin. In this sense, the Docbkx Maven Plugin is hardly any different than all of the other existing Maven 2 plugins.

Maven Docbook for beginners | Vineet Manohar’s blog

March 29, DocBook with Maven Issue. And with all of the XML based metadata available in your projects, it would actually be incredibly easy to accomplish. Mavne samples shows you how to use profiling stylesheets in this case the html one. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. Write a simple docbook file Create the following file: Concerning the configuration properties of the goal ‘generate-javahelp’ they are the same as the ‘generate-html’ chunked mode ones except these additional ones: The plugin goal used above generate-html converts the docbook xml to html.


Why is there still not output? So here is why: First of all, it is not uncommon generare documents to refer to a version of the software. I had some mistakes in my configuration. No matter what goal s Henerate specify or what includes I provide, the plugin performs no!

The plugins provided in this project act differently: Note however that it does not make a lot of sense to render man pages from an appendix. You might however not be impressed too much by the default output of the plugins.

This project focuses on providing dedicated support for particular DocBook XSL stylesheet distributions. This blog is about these good and bad days In this project, a particular version of the stylesheets is mvaen tied to a particular version of the plugin. A Maven plugin for generating xhtml output from DocBook documents, using version 1. SOPA breaks our internet freedom!

Maven Docbook for beginners.

This sample shows the webhelp output, a browser and platform independent output with a mvaen search engine. SeamListener not found Categories java 43 Tech 35 Uncategorized 1 web 2. Christoph April 7, at 3: XInclude provides an alternative and much more sophisticated way to pull in data from other sources. Simply specify it as additional goals.

Docbkx Maven plugin options Learning Docbook format Now that you are able to create a sample docbook and publish it, you might want to learn dcbkx Docbook format itself.


Five Minute Introduction Note that the actual manual is located here. The good news is: This chart shows how much is this artifact used as a dependency in other Maven artifacts in Central repository and GitHub: The result looks like: So, all has been in best order The only thing that you need to do is add a font tag containing all relevant metadata.


Hopefully all of the above will make you consider using DocBook. Adding other output formats is easy. See this or this post for related comments. It does however demonstrate how you could include your own scripts to be executed right before or right after the DocBook to output format transformation.

Docbkx Maven Base Some base classes to be subclassed by objects generating output from DocBook sources.

Maven Repository: » docbkx-maven-plugin

Alas, I did not find this information on the plugin’s Changes Report page. Thanks a million for generat. It’s important to understand that we are using the advanced customizing capabilities of DocBook, i.

The fact that it is plain old XML just makes it a very interesting candidate for completely automating your document generation. Here is the relevant snippet: The good news is that there is a lot! Jason, thanks for your feedback.