“In , DNV GL developed the LNG-fuelled VLCC concept Triality,” noted Deng Ling, DNV GL project manager and ship type expert for LNG. Today, DNV unveiled a concept tanker design called Triality, an LNG powered VLCC featuring a hull shape that completely removes the need. A noteworthy project undertaken by Det Norske Veritas, called TRIALITY, incorporates several new and interesting concepts in ship design and.

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We are very proud to have been selected to work with DSIC on this project and look forward to seeing this eco-friendly design being welcomed by the industry. Two IMO type C pressure tanks capable of holding 13 m3 LNG — enough for 25 nautical miles of operation — are located on the deck in front of the superstructure.

Since VLCCs operate at moderate speeds, resistance is dominated by viscous effects that are proportional to the vessel’s wetted surface. And lets hope for a good game version. All of them are small and operate in the coastal waters of Norway. For more information visit www.

Li Xin Cathy Zhang. Three Key Ship Types to Watch in There are three major ship types to keep a close eye on in A baseline VLCC typically carries 80, totonnes of ballast water on the return leg. While a VLCC of this design could cost 10 to 15 percent more to build than a conventional tanker, DNV estimates that over the life of the ship, the design would produce savings equal to 25 percent of the construction cost of a traditional VLCC. Also helping are the twin-screw propellers with diameters optimized for low-draft conditions.

This admirable duality, or perhaps that should be trialitybrought to mind a conversation with a recent graduate who also teaches classical ballet and Spanish Development of new ship concepts may be an attractive way to respond to these challenges.

This gives rise to additional fuel consumption for propulsion power and pumping of ballast water. Meaning of “triality” in the English dictionary. The rest can be returned to the cargo tanks or delivered to shore during cargo discharge.

Will TRIALITY become a reality? – An innovative crude oil tanker concept

This concept vessel also recovers hundreds of tons of cargo vapours on each voyage and represents a major step towards the new environmental era for the tanker shipping industry. This page requires javascript.


Two engines represent increased redundancy compared to a standard VLCC. A ballast-free hull design is therefore very attractive. If VOC is used for the main engines, the fuel efficiency increases to 25 per cent.

DNV GL presents DSIC with world’s first AiP for LNG-fuelled VLCC design – DNV GL

The ballast-free Triality would have five longitudinal cargo sections — one center tank, two intermediate tanks and two side tanks — defined by four longitudinal bulkheads instead of the two commonly used in conventional tankers. Concepts on such applications are currently being developed for fishing vessels. The new hull shape results in a reduced wetted surface on a round trip and has a lower block coefficient and thus a more energy efficient hull. The definition of triality in the dictionary is the state of being threefold.

It is not like you can just go ahead and build Triality based on our concept study. Fatigue of Panama Canal tug captains ‘a disaster waiting to happen’ Four barges break free, one capsizes near Boston Hriality Guard rescues crew of capsized tugboat off Georgia BC Ferries crew rescues boater from sinking vessel Delta Queen gets federal exemption to return to service.

A ballast-free VLCC requires a drastically different hull design. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. English words that begin with tr.

This is partly carried out through heat exchangers. Regard Spin 8 as a subset of Ctg. Both ships have the same operational range and can operate in the ordinary spot market.

In addition to the applications of the cooling capabilities of LNG as outlined above, additional cooling opportunities may include air conditioning, freezers and coolers. In addition, a lot of fuel is needed just to transport this extra water.

Since then, Triality has been widely communicated to a lot of customers and stakeholders. Additional capital expenditures in the order of USD 30 million is needed for the additional steel for the hull, the LNG tanks and systems, additional cost for engines and boiler, and cost of the VOC systems and tanks, as well as the cooling systems.

As a result, shipowners and operators are increasingly looking into the use of alternative fuels to ensure compliance for their fleet, now and in the future. In this chapter we deal with algebraic triality in the group of similarities and in the orthogonal group O N of the norm N of an octonion algebra C, and with the related triality in the Lie algebras of these groups, usually called local triality. A conventional unloaded VLCC would have a mean draft of 10 to 13 feet, so that the bow and propeller would be almost out of the water.


As its name indicates, it fulfils three main goals: LNG tankers using boil off gas for propulsion have operated for some 30 years.

Interesting Concept Design of The Week – DNV’s VLCC concept vessel “Triality” – gCaptain

Load a random word. A case in point is Singapore Power, which is building an LNG hub with the possibilities of marine bunkering and distribution potentials. Educalingo cookies are used to personalize ads and get web traffic statistics. The new concept tanker has two high pressure dual fuel slow speed main engines fuelled by LNG, with marine gas oil as pilot fuel.

The location of trality longitudinal bulkheads allows the tanks to be filled in sequence to avoid large heeling angles. This is to ensure sufficient draft for propeller immersion and limiting slamming in unloaded condition.

These measures can reduce fuel consumption by 8 percent. Studies show that as much as to tons of VOC can be vented into the atmosphere on each round trip. Avatars by Sterling Adventures.

UK: DNV’s Triality Tanker Concept Wins Lloyd’s List Innovation Award

At that time, DNV won the award for the best class society — a category that had not been included before and has not been included since. Capital savings of some USD 10 million are achieved from reduced coating cost in the void spaces, and from saving cost for a SOx scrubber system and water ballast treatment system, which the baseline VLCC must have installed to satisfy environmental regulations.

A ship’s resistance can be traility into viscous and wave-making resistance. The Triality concept is based on well known and proven components and systems, so in principle a Triality crude oil tanker introducing all or some of the innovative elements in the concept can be designed today.