d’Équations Différentielles Stochastiques (EDS) ainsi que pour l’estimation de leurs paramètres. Cet aspect n’est pas abordé au cours de cette thèse. Le support de cours est le polycopié “Analyse réelle et complexe” de F. Golse, Systèmes Dynamiques, équations différentielles et Géométrie différentielle. Brioschi, F. Les invariants des équations différentielles linéaires. J.-A. Serret, Cours de calcul différentiel et intégral, Tome II (Paris: Gauthier-Villars, ).

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Coincidence-Devgraphically find the Taylor expansion of a function.

Calcul formel

OEF linear systemscollection of exercises on linear systems. Linear system dialogask differenyielle to get information in order to solve linear systems. Correcodedecode a message containing errors by an error correcting code. Graphic functionsrecognize the graph of f -x from that of f xetc.

SQRT shootlocate square, cubic, Partial equationfill-in an equation to make it correct, drag-and-drop style exercises. Parametric composerecognize a parametric curve by the graphs of its coordinate functions. Please pay attention to flush you Browser cache to enjoy this new version!


Électricité/Les circuits RL, RC, LC et RLC

Graphic integralrecognize the graph of the integral of a function. Linkwordsexercises on linkwords for sequencing, contrast, cause, consequence.

Coincidence Additionfind the linear combination of two functions diffedentielle their graphs. OEF eurocollection of exercises on the arithmetic of euro. Limited derivativesfind the bound of a function having bounded derivative. Joint IIparametrize a function to make it continue or differentiable on 2 points.

Contfracexpand a real number into continued fraction. Symmetric splitwrite a given matrix as sum of symmetric and antisymmetric matrices.

OEF boundscollection of exercises on bounds and boundedness of sets of real numbers. Linear imagecompute the image of a vector by a linear or affine map. OEF ohmexercises on ohm’s law and serial and parallel connections. Differentiells Matricescollection of exercises on matrices.

Électricité/Les circuits RL, RC, LC et RLC — Wikilivres

Polynomial ordercomputes the order of an irreducible polynomial over a finite field F p. OEF iffcollection of training exercises on necessary and sufficient conditions.


Complex equation drawdraw an equation in the coues plane, requires java or javascript. Wfindfind words by letter patterns. Choice of ellipsesrecognize an ellipse according to its equation, or vice versa.

Graphic subsetsrecognize a graphically described eqquation. OEF vectors 3Dcollection of exercises on 3D vectors. Graphic inequalities 2Drecognize a plane region described by inequalities. Coincidence Paramfind the best approximation of a parametric curve.

Quizz matriceselementary questions on matrices.

Base converterconverts a number between different numbering systems, arbitrary precision. Coincidence sinusfind a sinusoidal function according to its graph.

Page personnelle de Bernard Parisse

Pathfindlink points by a shortest path. Basesfind a basis of a vector subspace under various definitions. OEF gradientcollection of exercises on the gradient of 2 variables functions.

Reflaxisfind the axis equaton a reflection given by matrix, or vice versa.