Council Of Wyrms (2e) – Feel mighty muscles ripple beneath your armored flesh. Hear the wind rush by with each powerful flap of your scaled. AD&D 2nd Edition – Council of Wyrms – Book 1 – Free download as PDF File .pdf ), Text File .txt) or read online for free. The Council of Wyrms is divided into two distinct bodies: the Platform of Wyrms, whose members may cast votes; and the Platform of Dominates, whose.

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Council of Wyrms

No female dragon ever lays more than two clutches in one age category. In the citadel’s core grows the terrible Gulthias Tree, shepherded by the twisted druid, Belak the Outcast. They didn’t even notice the invasion at first, not fearing the small creatures wyrmz came on the ships.

The Weave works to protect the world from the dangers of unrefined magic cuoncil giving the ability to cast spells to magic users. Glimmerglow, the patriarch of Clan Moonlight, visits frequently with the ancient Luminus of Clan Sparkle. They are born with green-yellow scales with a hint of bronze, deepening in color as they age. They are nasty, bad tempered and cruel, hating goodness in all of its forms and killing anything they can’t control. Danger Sense lets you spot traps or get an initiative bonus against enemies Ian rated it liked it Mar 28, Unfathomably powerful compared to most creatures, the ancient wyrms are the greatest of dragonkind, for whom the passing centuries bring only greater might.

A female dragon can bear fertile, viable eggs from young adult through to very old stages of life.


Those with the guardian nature are among those few, who are compelled to shepherd a small flock or watch over a particular place. Against weak foes, they challenge quickly and rely only physical attacks, to keep the fight going as long as possible. It is neutrally aligned, for despite its violent and savage nature, it lacks the mental capacity to choose between good and evil.

Other draconic gods may be present in different campaign settings. Fireshore lacks the population density of the Burning Isles, but has more settled territory and much greater autonomy in comparison to its sister nation.

Council of Wyrms by Bill Slavicsek

Their domain’s capital is Cloud City, due to the permanent cloud cover around the peak it is built on. If you want to do a guest shot for one adventure with a dragon, maybe that’d work, but not for any real length of time, it says. Half-dragons of other types may be possible, but would likewise be exceedingly rare.

The clan prefers the high places they’ve built up. The majority of clan lords oc priests of one or more dragon gods, and they are unified by that faith in Great Io and his children.

Likewise, even brutal red and white clans realize the value of their vassals, even if they are eminently expendable. The members of the Platform of Wyrms are addressed as Councillor, or Grand Councillor for great wyrms. Your options are a dwarf, elf or gnome. They may be bards without restriction, though most dragon bards are crystal and copper dragons.

They’re the masters of physical labor for the dragons and also the backbone of most draconic clan military forces. You harness the full potential of your keen dragon senses. Bonded and Accumulating Hoards. A wyrmling remains such until its thirtieth year of life, at which time it enters a dragon sleep within its lair.


They frown heavily on inbreeding, even between very distant kin, and especially between siblings most dragons forbid coouncil, except black and white dragons, who don’t care. In each of its iterations, the area is inspired by the Dracula legend and Transylvanian geography.

Even among dragons, this possibility is mere legend. Victims who succeed at a Dexterity saving throw suffer only half damage.

Marauding frost giants slaughter white dragons wholesale for oc and bones to make their armor, fire giants raid copper and red dragon hoards for treasure, and should the dragon slayers ever return, they will be an even greater threat.

Dragons have access to a small selection of racial feats. Some believe that the half-dragons are actually led by one of Firstclaw’s own children, though none dare say it in his presence. Their racial ability score bonuses are wildly beyond the scope of standard player characters, and their upper bounds are much higher as well. Every dragon clan has the right to send one representative to the Platform of Wyrms. This value is known as its bonded hoard.

She handles the domain’s daily business, and is well-loved by the people.

When a dragon achieves the young age category, their limit increases to