An archive of the works by and on Chattampi Swamikal. Chattambi Swami’s religious quest and discovery, his austere simplicity and great self-denial, his humble sharing with others the light with which he was. ABSTRACT. Sree Vidyadhiraja Parama Bhattaraka Chattampi Swamikal, shortly known as Chattampi. Swamikal was a Hindu sage and social reformer.

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This spiritual pre-emi- nence received due recognition and he command- ed respect swamiial he appeared. Sometimes they used to cover his feet like socks. His skill in painting was also of no mean order though lack of facilities chatampi him from developing it. The facility with which he elucidates the most subtle and complex metaphysical problems is really admirable. They were hopping about in his room: People sparsely mixed even with many of their neigh- bours because of social distance.

With his abundant love and compassion for all created things, he started a new epoch in spiritual regeneration. His Message Chattamip Swamikal belonged to that rare band of religious leaders and world benefactors who led a selfless life in the midst of common people with their mundane concerns.

When the walk was continued the puzzled Krishna Pillai sought from Swamiji an explana- tion of the strange scene he had witnessed. Hardly was there at that time in the country liberal education that assured an enlargement of the mind beyond one’s own clan or known neighbourhood, because not many went out of their own home county or Zilla.

He also met a siddha from whom he learned marma vidya and yoga sastra, and a Thangal Muslim saint who initiated him info he main tenets of Mohammedanism. The three swami,al four years he spent at Kalladakurichi laid the firm foundations of his future greatness, and when he bid farewell to Jatavallabhar and returned home the disciple had nothing more to learn from his revered Guru.


Swamiji’s interest in following the daily newspaper reports of the campaign was unequalled. Kunjan made it his daily habit to over- hear the lessons which a Swamikzl teacher taught the Brahmin boys of the Madom. Printed iit he 1-ducntional Art Press, Kcsavadasapuram, Tvm He authored several books on spirituality, history, and language staying with these friends.

Ezhumattur was crowded with the devotees of Swamiji. The total impression that is left in me by this great scholar-saint, who chose to remain in- cognito all the time, in his own native land, is his sunshine of laughter, his irrepressible joy can I say ecstasy?

My friend cried out to Swamiji 48 and bewailed that such a fate should overtake the venerable sage too.

Life and work of Sri Chattampi Swamikal

But he practised medicine only in response to pressing solicitations. At night it would be taken into the house. The place which is of great scenic beauty has now become a centre of pilgrimage.

Vatakke Koikkal Anujan Ramavarma Tampuran generously donated for the purpose two excellent buildings constructed in the modern style and the land on which they were situated. Sree Nara- yanaguru was also present here for a time. Kesava Menon, George Joseph, A. This old man has a great longing to xwamikal him once more.

His religious quest and discovery, his austere simplicity and great self-denial, his humble sharing with others the light with which he himself was illumined, his loving tenderness for all living creatures are all inspiring and instructive for all time.

Swamiji did not know English. There are living today those who can bear witness to the wonderful efficacy of his prescriptions. Most of the works were only partially recovered and published.


Chattampi Swamikal | Kerala Renaissance Leaders in Malayalam

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. He reminded his disciples that s all the ills that the flesh is destined to endure ha’ave to be endured before the soul would secure-e its release.

We watched the scene of this great meeting with interest. He 15 accepted the invitation — on condition that W should be allowed to bring with him some of his- disciples. He was ready to write only when he could not help it. These proved of use to him in later life. Guru of the highest order. This appellation stuck to him and even today he is known by it.

Swamikal promoted vegetarianism and professed non-violence Ahimsa. He was never again seen in that seat. Swamiji was ndt able to stay permanently there. He used to practise a kind of “enema”to cleanse his bowels.

Chattampi Swamikal | Kerala Renaissance Leaders in Malayalam

It was in such a period that this stalwart seeker trudged many many swamika in search of knowledge, and when he got it, he wandered again as the inspirer of people. The crowd yelled in terror at the pro- spect of the Swamiji being torn to pieces. Swami Vivekananda introduced the topic of Chinmudra and asked Swamikal to unfold its esoteric meaning and its role in achieving higher levels of consciousness.

Therefore I left the timepiece there and went into the house to sleep. The world was his family, all living things his brothers.