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During the usage of the DGUV Information (BGI ) to determine the necessary protection level of the PPE against electric arcs are the information. – Thermal hazards from electric fault arc Guide to the selection of personal protective equipment for electrical work (bisher: BGI/GUV-I E). *The representative selection does not replace a risk assessment according to BGI transformer output. (kVA) tripping time of the protective device (ms).

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Besides the arc energy, the required test level of the PPE against electric arc will be shown as: While an electric arc flash is rare in the normal working environment, its occurrence cannot be ruled out 51888.

Each consequence, in itself, can endanger the health and even ngi life of a person in proximity of the occurrence. In so doing, a methodology has been adopted based on standardised Box test procedures according to VDE see Annex 1.

Because doing manually or using excel spreadsheet is very dificult and not recommended for complex electrical networks.

Low voltage

If the material or assembly passes the first arc test, it is classified as “Class 1” If it passes the second test, it is classified as Class 2. The IEEE Standard is an internationally recognized standard and is used as the basis for most major software company’s arc flash programs.

Simply basing a Class on 4 kA and 7 kA did not provide a suitable criteria for application guidance. Design German Social Accident Insurance e. The calculation method was developed by a group of well regarded industry experts from Germany. BSD Arc Flash Software During the usage of the DGUV Information BGI to determine the necessary protection level of the PPE against electric arcs are the information about short-circuit current, grid voltage, arc burning time, installation construction form and the working distance necessary.


Determination of system electric arc energy in the event of a fault. No registered users and 0 guests. Depending on the electrical network and equipment configuration, electric arcing can be extremely hazardous:.

Since these installations and networks frequently cannot be disconnected for technical and organisational reasons, work must be performed under live conditions. The first test, known as Class 1, uses a 4, Amp short circuit current at Volts to develop the arc from the box.

Mon Oct 26, 1: The simplified method allows a small amount of specific installation knowledge, works therefore with higher safety additions. That means, that a working place related hazard assessment has to be made.

Especially for the working area of public electric energy supply, as well as for widespread industry grids is this fact associated with a considerable extra effort at the hazard assessment. Standards for protective clothing outside the EU.

Do anyone knows about a arc flash calculation software that use DGUV method? DGUV Information – Thermal hazards from electric fault arc Guide to the selection of personal protective equipment for electrical work bisher: Persons working on or in the vicinity of live electrical equipment are, in principle, exposed to hazards associated with electric fault arc. Therefore, companies are trying to prevent interruption and failure of the energy supply.

To prevent accidents, tested high-quality safety equipment products are indispensable. To this end, maintenance and repair work must be performed in electrical installations and networks. The result of your calculation will be shown as a integral component of a hazard assessment.


PowerFactory – DIgSILENT

Fri Oct 23, 4: Page 1 of 1. There are no corresponding incident energy values measured during the “box test” and the Class system does not have any listed attribute that could be used for selecting a protection class.

Users browsing this forum: The following software features are worth to mention beyond: The specific method is more complex, therefore certain saftey additions can be reduced. This can reveal different results. The wide use of electrical energy in all areas of life leads to higher requirements on the safety and reliability of power supply systems.

Full disclosure and disclaimer: The second test is known as Class 2 and uses a 7, Amp current at Volts. 55188

Standardisation of PPE against the thermal bgo of electric fault arcing. In this context, it must be observed that voltages up to 1, V a. I wonder how engeneers perfom calculation in Europe using IEC if there insn’t software to solve it. For this purpose, tested high-quality products are indispensable. Thank you Jim for such complete answer. High intensity electromagnetic radiation, particularly in the ultraviolet UV and infrared IR radiation bands, but also in the visible light band, which can lead to irreversible damage to the eyes and skin.

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