By way of supporting an international climate protection treaty after , the for conventional power plants in the public grid (according to BDEW ; see Table VDN and the Medium Voltage Directive ( Mittelspannungsrichtlinie. Reference technical rules for the connection of active and passive consumers to the HV and (BDEW medium voltage directive). FGW TR3, Rev. und die nach BDEW-Mittelspannungsrichtlinie vorgesehenen lokalen . Effects of a High PV Penetration on the Distribution Grid · Article. Jan

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It might not correspond with the basic configuration. Language, rated voltage and Country Code, rated voltage configurable by display.


These inverters therefore feature a low voltage ridethrough capability, and can deliver reactive power and control the active power delivered to the grid. An advanced control system, requiring no communications, manages the power generated by the PV inverters, based on consumption data and the battery charge status.

Thanks to a sophisticated control algorithm, this equipment can guarantee maximum efficiency depending on the PV power available. Great flexibility for configuring the solar array, thanks to the two independent MPPT trackers with a wide input voltage range. Outdoor inverter 1, Vdc 1, kg. Oil deposit delivered separatedly. In case of discrepancy between them, the English text shall prevail.

Easier maintenance thanks to its new design and enclosure. These photovoltaic inverters feature a SD input slit to facilitate the firmware updating by the user. It offers high modularity, unmatched.

Solar Energy Solutions Product Catalogue – PDF

The inverters are aimed at system integrators and. The electronics and software have been especially developed bdwe the INGECON inverters, resulting in a high-quality end product, adaptable to the specific characteristics of each plant. Minimum diesel load It guarantees that the diesel generators do not operate under a minimum load level, in order to ensure a longer engine life.


This inverter offers a high-power density in a single power block, providing different configurable operating modes. Photovoltaic Inverter Specification Version 2.

Grid Integration | Primara Test- und Zertifizier-GmbH

Long-lasting design These inverters have been designed to guarantee a long life expectancy. It offers high modularity, unmatched More information. Start-up and manage the various PV plants from a PC. Remote tripping of the AC circuit breaker.

The display also includes a number of LEDs to show the inverter operating status with warning lights to indicate any incidents. Mittelspannungsricjtlinie certification program allows the declaration of compliance to the BDEW technical guideline of generating plants connected to the medium-voltage network. User s Manual Before using the inverter, you need to read and save the safety instructions. Symmetrical inverters, with the connection cabinet on the mittelspannungsrichlinie side, to make it possible to install two inverters facing each other, with a common power supply point.

Innovative cooling systems FA type: Indoor inverters with integrated DCAC cabinet. The system operates like a normal air conditioner. Display of all the plant inverters on a single screen. Furthermore, the selection of casings makes these inverters suitable for indoor IP20 and outdoor IP54 installation. If the ener- gy generated is greater than the one mittelspannungsrichtliniie, any surplus energy could charge the batteries or, if they are fully charged, the energy could be injected into the grid.


The following applications are included at no extra cost: Thanks to this input, the PV array can be connected directly to the inverter. Enhanced performance The key strengths of the Ingeteam central inverters lie in their high maximum efficiency rating which can be as high as TOR — Hauptabschnitt D4.

These LED indicators light up whenever any incident is detected, thereby simplifying and facilitating equipment maintenance tasks.

Solar Energy Solutions Product Catalogue

Without the written permission of the copyright holder, More information. SCADA for system supervision. Continuous operation diesel systems are based on one or more gensets operating permanently, no matter the load level. Access to specific technical documentation. Signals from the metering transformers. Optionally, the inverters can be supplied with an AC circuit breaker with door control, in addition to fuses and current monitoring. Brings more sun to the grid. bcew

Safety interlocks for MV transformer compartment door on the cabling box. Central and field meteo stations. These inverters feature a low voltage ride-through capability and also a lower power consumption thanks to a more efficient power supply electronic board.

Suitable for slab mittelspannungwrichtlinie piers mounting. Three-phase Capacitors with blocking inductances for Power Factor correction. Solar Power Solar power generation has emerged as More information. Digital Q Compensation The battery inverter can control the reactive power output and it can inject reactive power into the grid also during the night.