ASME ANSI A112.19.8-2007 PDF

outlet fitting and cover that does not comply with ASME/ANSI A Installation of a non compliant cover in a customer’s pool or spa would be a. for ASME/ANSI A Compliant Drain Cover/grates. While manufacturer’s instructions for the installation of pool drain cover/grates will vary with the. manufacture, sale or distribution of suction outlets and covers that are not ASME/ ANSI. A certified; 2) The Act requires public pools and spas to be.

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Missing, broken or improperly secure drain covers can lead to an entrapment situation, which may lead to injury or death.

A missing cover is extremely dangerous. There are possible solutions. The requirement pertaining to useful life is a marking or labeling requirement for the drain cover manufacturer. However, it is common for some residential pools to be overlooked.

Committee Pages – A Plumbing Materials and Equipment

Check installation dates on all existing drain covers Check drain covers for existing signs of asm and replace when damages are detected This is what the VGB Act has to say about the life of drain covers: Always confirm all of the items below. Covers are designed to operate safely in their correct condition. With axme protection over the suction, serious injury can occur.


Check out our VGB Drain Safety Guide below to see what you check, and share this info with any pool owner to help them keep their pool safe. This is also a bad situation for your pool equipment, as larger debris may be allowed through the system and damage the pool pump. Once damaged, the cover anssi no longer safe.

The first step is to confirm the drain is compliant with VGB requirements. There are more than fatal drownings in the U. However, CPSC believes it is good practice for pool owners and operators to inspect the drain cover often and have it professionally inspected at least annually.

If you are not sure or cannot confirm, the best solution is to replace the drain cover.

Cookies are small bits of nasi that allow us to remember your preferences and remember your favorite items. Covers should also be monitored throughout the year for any issues that would put swimmers in danger of drowning or injury. In addition, if the pool has a single main drain other than an unblockable drainthe operator must either disable the drain or install a second anti-entrapment device or system.

Click here for more information.


Every cover must be in place, in good condition and not missing any attachment screws. Is an existing pool not compliant with multiple drains or an unblockable drain? All drain covers should have been swapped after We use cookies to ensure you have be best website experience. As with all other conditions, if you cannot confirm the life of the cover it is always better to replace with a new VGB compliant drain cover. According to leading industry reports, drowning is the leading death for children under the age of four years old.


Covers should be monitored by the homeowner or pool operator and checked by a pool professional so that the pool is always safe to use. Every pool owner has a responsibility to the community which includes educating themselves about pool safety. To check your drain and ensure your pool, spa or hot tub drain cover has not expired, find a pool professional near you at APSP.

Look for certification markings on the cover or check with the drain manufacturer. This is what the VGB Act has to say about the life of drain covers: