Al-Huda Bookstore › Aqeedatul Tahawi. Aqeedatul Translation of Maulana Qari Muhammad Tayyib’s commentary of Aqeedat ut-Tahawi. Includes short. Al-ʿAqīdah aṭ-Ṭaḥāwiyya Arabic: العقيدة الطحاوية is a popular exposition of Sunni Muslim doctrine written by the tenth-century Egyptian theologian and Hanafi jurist Abu Ja’far Ahmad at-Tahawi. Sharh Aqeedatul Tahawi Urdu Sharah of Imam Tahawi’s Aqida Book Sharh Aqeedatul Tahawi Urdu Paperback Pages Darul Kitab Urdu Translation of.

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Know that all the perfections in man are subservient to the perfections of Nabuwwaat and all the perfections of Nabuwwaat are subservient to the Seat of Ambiyaa. The reason for the ease in resurrection lies in His not being dependant upon anything, and in His absolute Power over everything. In another Aayat Allaah Ta’ala says, addressing Nabi g: We have absolutely no knowledge of the Will and Desire of Allaah Ta’ala. The Sheikh jii intends by this statement that speech is a quality from amongst the Qualities of Allaah Ta’ala.

The seeing 2 of Allaah Ta’ala by the people of Jan n ah is true. Taqwa, opposition to desires and choosing what is more pleasing to Allaah Ta’ala are the determining factors in differentiating the levels of Imaan. If the Mi’raaj did not took place in a sleep or with soul only, then it would not have been any extraordinary feat.

Aqeedatul Tahawi (حواشي على العقيدة الطحاوية) by Mawlana Qari Muhammad Tayyib | LibraryThing

As the Book taawi our Rabb has expressed it: But if he is correct then he will be greatly rewarded. We accept all of them as true. His Being is not like our beings. It is for this reason that Aliaah Ta’ala has made this the example and Sunnah of Nabi jfc a means of salvation for all those who desire Aliaah Ta’ala and the Day of Qiyaamah.


Verily they some people turn their chests so that they may hide from Him. Otherwise it would be a combination of opposites, since it is impossible for The Encompasser to be encompassed.

Aqeedatul Tahawi With Commentary By Maulana Qari Muhammad Tayyibr.a.

We ask Your forgiveness, O our Rabb. The fact that it is mentioned with a negative resemblance, it implies denial of any similarity.

This in sum is what those of Allaah ‘s friends with enlightened hearts need to know and constitutes the degree of those firmly endowed with knowledge. There is no beginning.

Al-Aqidah al-Tahawiyyah – Wikipedia

The clear indication is that He was Creator, Inventor and Bestower, before He created the creation and always before that. Hence the fundamentals of Imaan are seven: Its understanding and compreheTision is far beyond the intellect of man. The doubters and those who conceal kufr whilst they display Imaan are amongst the Kaafireen, This is so because indeed, doubt and uncertainty and reservations in belief and to hide kufr under the guise of Imaan the hypocrites – all these are Kaafir, because they contradict Imaan and belief There is no stage between kufr and Imaan, which is borne out by the Aayat: This aqredatul the claim of the Qur’aan.

He is the Knower of the unseen and the seen.

There is none to command the Aqeedatu Tahawi 92 creation but Him and there is none to increase in His Commcuids but He. For there are two aqsedatul of knowledge.

His actions are all lost and of no avail, neither in this world nor in the Hereafter. He Hears, not like our hearing. Exalted is He; ‘I u? The believers accept 2 it, as absolute truthThey are certain that it is, in truth, the Word of Ailaah. Also the knowledge of the condition of the ability of creation and eternity or the knowledge of their reality, as Allaah Ta’ala says: There will not be on that day any Ambiyaa, from Aadam and all besides him, except that they will be below my flag.


Intercession Con behalf of anyone cannot profit another in His presence, except for the one whom He permits intercession ” surah Saba, verse 23t- AJlaah Ta’ala says: As is mentioned in the Qur’aan when He says: This makes it obvious that for Aliaah Ta’ala to grant life is extremely simple and easy, owing to His perfection and His Absolute Power. We do not make any distinction between any of the messengers, we accept as true what all of them brought.

None of His already existent, perfect Qualities were added to or increased after He created the creation or owing to the creation. The origin is always stronger than the offshoots. Belief Imaan 3 consists of cLffirmation by the tongue and acceptance by the heart. This chosen Ambiyaa is now a Nabi unto them all.

Aqeedatul Tahawi (حواشي على العقيدة الطحاوية)

The summary of this is that any non-Mujizah is unlike a Mu’jizah. Notwithstanding this, the speech aqeeeatul man is a creation of Allaah Ta ala. It is the best and most honoured of all pens. As Allaah Ta ala says: