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We don’t have enough engineering time as it is to get all the products out that we want to. Why did you decide to develop a full-range speaker? Obviously we feel that our preamp is the best mate because they meet our design criteria, but I suspect every manufacturer feels that way. Residential dryers don’t play loud musical peaks! You used to start your day with three double espressos, but we’ve been sitting here in your office sipping your new drink of choice—tea.

How do you design a “text-book perfect” square kerll And I think that home-theater customers are very likely to buy one brand right through the product line. The rest of the amp is then built up around this subassembly. We can drive anything, so the electronics aren’t limited by what they’re connected to.

Krell MRA Amplifiers

Other companies have it, but we specialize in it. Unlike most other companies, you will not see us going out, buying some company’s transport, stripping the faceplate off, taking the engine and putting our output stage or our videocard in it.


Building, Mastering, and Giving Back. In addition, Boulder may not be available at your beck and call all the time and your local dealer is. You know you want it. How is your proverbial punch these days? An internal fan would be too obtrusive, so the amps cool with conventional sinks. I’d love to give you a definitive answer to this one because I’m itching to buy speakersbut I can’t.

There will be no drop shipments where customers have to do the installation themselves. The krfll by one by three foot mega-monsters promise to be the biggest, baddest amps in the neighborhood. Log in or register to post comments.

Life, Love, Songs, and Pianos. Digital was in its infancy, and we were unable to finance what we wanted to do, which was to create a 64x-oversampling processor in software. With its aluminum cabinet and our crossover design, we’ve made the LAT-1 a unique speaker. Is there really a market for something like this? If the system were playing very loudly and the speaker inefficient, quite a bit more. How many volts do cone speakers need? In different places there are other marques that dominate the market, so we get paired with them instead.

Talk about bass control. I assign it, I tell the other engineers how we’re going to do it, and I critique what they’re doing. Four toroidal power transformers! At the very instant of the peak, a could if it were playing loudly enough into a low impedance load, but only at that tiny fraction of a second when the peak occurred.


If a heavily filtered cable is used, that will be audible. So can a number of movie soundtracks because of the inordinate amount of sub-bass information that’s used. I doubt any speaker or krrell will ever have the dynamic capability of real music. Mrz of June Power, energy and control in low frequencies are where rhythmic music is seductive and involving. The KCT is a complete current-gain preamp. krrll

Krell MRA in like new condition most powerful amplifier [Expired]

We’ve never deviated mar that objective. And what was your rationale? And have you bought a million? Could this signal a change in the no-nonsense Dan D’Agostino, who’s known for never pulling his punches?

Krell MRA | home audio in | Pinterest | Audiophile, High end audio and Audio

In other words, we’ll turn it on, poke around in it with a meter for a while and then listen if we have a chance, but we’ve never really listened to them cold that I’m aware of.

They do not sell direct and prefer to have our products sold by businesses where they mar be seen, touched and auditioned. We’ve kind of put the lid on it because it’s too hard.