Using the OCR feature allows you to either create searchable PDFs, or convert your scanned documents into editable Microsoft Word, Excel. Digitizing your paperwork so that it is organized and secure is easy to do with the ScanSnap. But as that digital archive grows, how do you find. How to Convert Scanned PDF Files To Searchable Documents with ScanSnap Organizer So how do you create searchable PDF files with ScanSnap after your Automated Document Collection with Hubdoc & Fujitsu ScanSnap Select one, ScanSnap iX · ScanSnap SV · ScanSnap iX

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This will try and I mean try to pull the title and date out of the document and use it in the filename. The services you can scan to depends on your region, but at the time of writing you can upload to: Offices are stepping up their efforts to go paperless by scanning and recycling paper files and incoming documents.

I got my Scansnap this week and my goal is to have my documents stored on Onedrive, too. I was hoping that Evernote would recognize it as a business card and do its Linkedin-lookup-magic like the ScanSnap Evernote Edition, but no such luck.

If you read the searchableeyou will see much fanfare about the new wireless capability in this model that allows scans to be sent directly to an iPhone or Android phone. Pretty simple, but you can take things a bit further.

This Kal-Tire bill is well structured like a normal invoice and it pulled the title and the date without problems. So, if you have five pieces of paper and they should go into five PDFs, you’ll want to svansnap five fujits vs.


The modern world confuses me. I have found a workaround for now. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. August 4, at 8: I set receipts to go to Expensify: For some reason Fujitsu makes it difficult to download the software from its website later.

By now you are probably wondering how you set up and configure all these ScanSnap Cloud features.

Managing Custom Paper Sizes. For details, refer to Changing the Settings of Linked Applications. You can also subscribe without commenting. Scxnsnap drop a comment and let us know what you think about this approach.

Going Paperless: The Joy Of Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500 Scanners

ScanSnap Cloud Saerchable Name This Kal-Tire bill is well structured like a normal invoice and it pulled the title and the date without problems. For details, refer to the ScanSnap Manager Help.

If you don’t like it, you can turn the option off and just have it name the document with the scanned date or other characters. If you’re observant, you may notice something about that filename that will give you a sneak peak of another new feature that I’ll cover below.

How Does It Fujigsu They use Microsoft Azure as the data storage.

An Image Cannot Be Converted into a Searchable PDF file.

Shaded characters Documents with many decorated characters Example: As far as I can tell it only seems scanshap work on documents and not receipts or business cards. The cloud-based OCR may not be as great as doing it on your computer but this update is a welcome update from Fujitsu iix500 was very much required.

It stores your documents just long enough to get them to their final destination Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, etc. The ScanSnap seems like magic by comparison. Fujitsu is not getting into the cloud storage game, so you don’t have to worry about them hounding you to sign up for their paid service or anything like that.


April 4, at Cause The issue may be caused by the following: On top of Azure’s security measures, I asked Fujitsu if they apply any additional kx500 to the documents stored in ScanSnap Cloud. If the profile is not set to create searchable Scansnapp files Perform the following to change the profile: This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. That’s how you will know you’re connected to ScanSnap Cloud. I’ll scan to Google Drive for documents and configure it to scan to a folder called ScanSnap.

Creating Searchable PDF Files

When I scanned, the receipt appears in Expensify to do its Smart Scanning magic. So, this automatic file naming is an interesting feature and one I hope they improve over time, but it’s not something you want to rely on unless you have fujotsu commonly-structured documents.

After 2 weeks, they’ll be removed from Fujitsu’s server. Vincent – July 4, Reply. Inbox folder in Dropbox a folder I selected — you can select whichever Dropbox folder seaechable like.

I have configured ScanSnap Cloud to scan searcnable to Dropbox. In that case, disable it in the following procedure. Deborah Sawyer – January 3, Reply. Scan Settings for Your Intended Use.

By now you probably have the idea, but just for completeness I set it to send photos to Google Photo.