Framo. Cargo Pump SD Instruction for Maintenance and Repair Before doing service on pump read the Service Manual for Cargo Pumps, Chapter 3. Well, he had worked on ships (tankers) with Framo pumps. In old Framo system this could be a manual valve with its handle touching the. Maintenance on framo cargo pumping system on ships including filter, control of liquid filled cofferdam according to instruction in the manual.

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It need a source of energy prime mover. Before reassembling any parts, they must be absolutely clean and majual from dirt, lint or other foreign matter.

This is called high capacity mode of feed system. I learned a lot and answered my questions Follow us Today on our social network.

Framo Hydraulic Cargo Pumping System on Ships

This is because framl the flow of pressurised oil to the hydraulic motor, more speed the impeller will rotate. Henrique Santos Oct 30, Debris switches to be checked if alarm is indicated.

This makes the knowledge of Submersible pumps and Framo system so much important. This means that as the liquid travels in the volute casing, velocity reduces and pressure increases.

Debris detectors if installed to be checked every 3 months. If it is above the optimum range, the oil will need cooling. Air if any is auto released to the Hydraulic tank while recirculation.


The PLC is programmed by Framo and provides the logic for safe operation of the system. Let’s say, oil temp. So before we discuss Framo pumps, we must know how a centrifugal pump works? Vent the system regularly until the air is out of the system. If a leakage is detected, check if the flange connection is tight, retighten if necessary.

Worn wear rings will increase the discharge time. Leave puump Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Satyam kothari Jan 23, Feed pump always keep on running, days in a year, 24 hours a day. Jeeva Samson May 27, To verify that the oil is in good condition, samples to be taken on a regular basis and according to separate instruction.

When we open the knob by turning anti clockwisethe STC bypasses all the oil and nothing goes into the hydraulic motor. There is a sensor arrangement for the suction valve, which senses if the suction valve is fully open.

Framo Hydraulic Cargo Pumping System on Ships

As long as one feed pump is continuously running why we do not have all the time oil temp. It is therefore important that operation instructions are followed carefully.

We carried out cleaning of filters and replacement of directional valve. When i tried to increase the system pressure to bars the indication of the system pressure started to fluctuate.


Prime mover provides the energy for the impeller to rotate. Then what we should do in order to start using system at full power? Depending upon the surrounding temperature, the hydraulic oil used in Framo may be below or above this temperature range. Purging reports to be filled in during every round-trip. Stay tuned for this section. Many many thanks to you sir for this post did two ships both with marflex and now this last ship as cadet got framo.

You are a very good teacher. Failure in one system is not likely to interfere with other systems. In these cases we need to fill the cofferdam with some liquid DOP in case of loading TDI so that cofferdam is not blocked with the cargo.

In old Framo system this could be a manual valve with its handle touching the sensor.

A running signal is provided for indication on the control panel. Feed pump maintains positive pressure in the lines and hydraulic system. Particle counting and water analyses every 3 months, and full oil analyses once a year.