The Art of Wrestling by Fabian von Auerswald. The Art of Wrestling: 85 pieces to the honorable and gracious Electors of Saxony by Fabian von Auerswald. Fabian von Auerswald was a German Renaissance master of Ringen (wrestling). In , at the age of 75, he completed a beautifully. Find the perfect fabian von auerswald black & white image. Huge collection, amazing choice, + million high quality, affordable RF and RM images. No need.

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Fabian Von Auerswald Black and White Stock Photos & Images – Alamy

Und das gehet von beiden seittenn. Wenn mich einer mit beiden Henden vorn inn mein wammess hat gefast, so fare ich mit meinen beiden Elnbogen zwischen seinen Arm und gebe mich nieder inn die wage, so reis ich im beide Arm aus.

Das Benedicts Stucke Alhie mus auch ein Arm oben, der ander unten sein, und drucke ich hart mit meinem Kin neben seinen Hals nein, und wenn ich mercke das er bewget, so kome ich mit meinem lincken Arm zwischen seine Beine, und ziehe In zu mir, Dringe In oben mit dem Kin von mir, so habe ich in wie ich wil.

If I Do not let him fall, then his right leg comes before my right, and I then step with back with my left leg, then he throws me over also. This piece also goes left and right. Von Auerswald leaves it up to the reader for what to do with your opponent after that. Inat the age of 75, he completed a beautifully illustrated treatise on wrestling called Ringer kunst: When I am in a hook with someone and he stands too wide against me so that I cannot take the other hip.

Should the opponent struggle or pull away from the Half Hip, maintain dominance. Das erste ist, das man einem kurzt fur der Hand abwindet, linck und recht, Daraus sihet man, wie sich der Man gegen einem halten wil. When he grabs hold of me with his right hand then I use the left hip. This piece goes left and right.

When he has stretched me out of the hook then I come over both of his arms with my left arm and do the same as I would to take the slant and thereby I take the left hip.


The grip and the step must be done in one motion, and also done quickly.

A technique from Fabian von Auerswald, 1539

Introduction by Fabian von Auerswald. For further information, including transcription and translation notes, see the voon page. When I put my left arm over his left arm then I must place my arm high between his legs, when I push up his left arm, it must break or he will fall.

Unarmed Techniques from Fabian von Auerswald […].

Das Radt vor dem Manne Alhie trette ich mit meinem rechten Schenckel als weit ich kan, nach seinem rechten Schenckel. Wheeling the opponent Here I step with my right leg as wide as I can toward his right leg.

Considering the age of von Auerswald when it was first created, and considering the illustrations show an aged von Auerswald tossing around younger wrestlers, we should all be inspired by the vitality and skill the man must have possessed well into the latest years of his life.

One stands in the hole and may not remove his leg from it and his opponent must hop on one leg. When your opponent is about to take the hip. This piece is called breaking in with both elbows When I have pulled away both his arms, then I have both of my arms undereath.

Break against the bar in the leg hook When he stands in a leg hook on me and I have stretched my left leg so that he grabs me by the bar and as he grabs me, then immediately I step out with my left leg, out and behind him, and quickly stoop down low into the balance. Da mus auch ein Arm unten sein, der ander oben, und mein rechter Arm unten, so trette ich mit meinem rechten Schenckel zwischen seine Beine gewinlich und mit dem lincken hinder seinen rechten.

Views Read View source View history. Von dem Andbindenn In diesem stande kan man gar eigentlich sehen was den Autor fur vorteill gebe [aucht? If he gives you the right hand then you give him the left. Thus he gives me his entire back. You are not currently logged in. Here I come with my right arm over his left arm, from a wind outside in behind his left elbow. Das Ander stucke des Schlossringens Da falle ich mit meinen lincken Arm uber seinen lincken hinuber und hebe von innwendig sein lincke Bein uber dem Knie auff, und trette mit meinem lincken schenckel hinder seinen rechten, Da mus das uberfallen und trit ein ding sein, so schnel mus er zugehen.


Here I must put my right hand on his right thumb, with the left hand behind his shoulder. This site uses cookies. You are probably already aware of it but the rejected hip technique from a hook and the sequence of counters that follows are also described in the codex wallerstein 49r to 50v. And in pushing through I step with my right leg into the back of his left knee.

The very first technique von Auerswald explained was the Single Arm Wind. When he stands with straight legs then I thrust my right leg onto his left kneecap? Another break against lockwrestling When he grabs hold of me with his right arm over his left, then I reach over on his neck with my left arm and step forward with my left leg and use the left hip which goes completely freely.

This is a free technique from standing in the pit When he lets go of my leg hook, then I stoop through under his right arm with my head and my right arm above comes his neck and my left arm comes between his legs and then I run to the right with him and I stay the whole time with my left leg in the hole.

After this comes the backward throw. This is for rough people and is not gentlemanly.

Fabian von Auerswald ~ Wiktenauer ~☞ Insquequo omnes gratuiti fiant

Another action to use against an opponent who grips you strongly is the Weakening of the Arms. Thereafter, stretch out through with your right hand auerswalv his chin and while stretching you must step with your right leg behin his left leg, then you have total power over him.

For this video, the action is stopped without continuing the turn for clarity. When he tugs at me with the left arm outwards, then I step out with my left leg behind his right and with my left elbow I force him over backwards and catch him between his legs with my right arm.