Międzykulturowa edukacja nieformalna na przykładzie działań polskich organizacji Nikitorowicz J. Edukacja regionalna i międzykulturowa. ROLA NAUCZYCIELA W EDUKACJI MIĘDZYKULTUROWEJ. Chapter (PDF J Nikitorowicz. Nikitorowicz, J.: Edukacja regionalna i międzykulturowa. J. Nikitorowicz, who classified and defined specific types of borderlands. According to the author, a cultural . Edukacja regionalna i międzykulturowa.

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Syllabus for course Global Marketing. What are our objectives? These problems were discussed in the widest manner on national Polish conference Didactics of foreign languages versus cultural competence and intercultural communication.

Cultural Competence And Intercultural Communication In The Didactics Of Foreign Languages

Submission of original articles is open to all researchers, irrespective of discipline and institutional allocation. The author refers here to theories of various origin: Among family members the child comes to understand diferent social roles, becomes acquainted with values, and nikiitorowicz how to be independent and responsible.

They are aware of the most They can manage themselves in most important polite conventions and able to act communication situations which can happen accordingly.

Jej zakres i problemy. Proposal of thesis topic for mgr in MSE programme 1 Topic: They also cooperate with research teams in other academic centres, associations, and educational institutions in Poland and abroad. The awareness of regional unity has been also kept by various institutions, organizations, and associations the Museum of Cieszyn Silesia, founded in ; libraries, reading rooms — e. A well-shaped picture rwgionalna themselves and their group, as well as being rooted in their culture, helps people to notice the Others and their dis- tinctness, but also certain similarities and relationships.

This fact drew attention of T.

The Edukacjja members promote the idea of interculturalism among their mates. They are able to use the language so fluently and spontaneously to run a normal conversation with a native speaker.

Line diagrams should be presented in a form suitable for immediate reproduction i. Such education heads for opening to other communities and cultures, to mutual applications of the cultural output, to mutual support for cultures.


Science and Education Publishing

Proposal of thesis topic for mgr in. The most important of them include: Related to study programmes: Furthermore, the research showed that the teachers were unprepared to carry out intercultural classes in kindergarten.

Do not use points in abbreviations, contractions or acronyms e. Foreign languages courses are just the place for intercultural meetings.

They can describe their experiences, events, hopes, dreams and plans, justifying or explaining them in a simple manner. Each of them had taken the advantage of the achievements of the earlier ones, enriching them with key assumptions of their contemporary psychology, pedagogy, didactics and cultural studies, so they often functioned parallelly and complemented one another.

Przydatne zwroty podczas egzaminu ustnego I m sorry, could you repeat that, please? Kwiatkowska, H Edukacja nauczycieli. To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors. While acting together, young people have chances to work in a team, solve conflicts together, and raise responsibility for joint undertakings.

The Cieszyn Club of Hobbyists undertakes works aiming at familiarization with other cultures and maintaining contacts between groups of Polish and foreign collectors by lectures, talks, exhibitions, antiques fairs [ 21 ]. Discuss these two types of mindsets. Entering the Schengen zone brought about many changes: In order to understand multiculturalism and to educate into peaceful coex- istence of diferent cultures, one irst needs to help a child to get to know and to appreciate his own culture.

Graduates of B level courses should be able to use the foreign language fluently and spontaneously, in the way allowing them to communicate freely with native speakers. Lewowicki, ; Lewowicki, ; Nasalska, ; Nikitorowicz, ; Nikitorowicz, ; Nikitorowicz, ; Nikitorowicz, ; Nikitorowicz, ; Nikitorowicz, ; Torenc, The role of the lecturers in the realisation of the assumptions of cultural studies see: Tables should present new information rather than duplicating what is in the text.

Readers should be able to interpret the table without reference refionalna the text. All this has substantially contributed to shaping the complex identity of the inhabitants of this land. Hence the necessity of introducing lexical material marked culturally from the first level of teaching and gradual deepening of the Copyright The Online Journal of Distance Education and e-learning Contact can weaken midzykultkrowa and nikitorowjcz or enhance them — this depends on the character of contact positive or negativethe participants, and the situational context.


Edukacja zorientowana na XXI wiek ed. The leading idea of the presented study is the assumption that the vision of intercultural education has had and currently is reflected in activities aiming at political, economic and cultural integration in Cieszyn Silesia.

Without any doubt, perceiving interculturalism in foreign language teaching 4 has a specific dimension which results from close relationship between language and culture 5, because it constitutes the system serving the 1 About glottodidactic see: Submission Browse by Subjects.

The workshops were organized and regionana out by scholars and students from the Faculty of Ethnology and Education.

Technical and editorial informations for the Authors

It is worth indicating that the dynamics of cultural life in Cieszyn Silesia is strengthened by events with participation of international audience. Moreover, the new national curriculum pays attention to the fact that Poland belongs to the European Union and that all people have equal rights.

This has been associated with the concept of Mitteleuropa, which came into being in the 19th century in Austro-Hungary to create a federation of crown lands ruled by independent monarchs from the House of Habsburgs [ 10 ]. Cieszyn Social Interclub holds cyclic meetings concerning the issues of culture, ecumenism, health, and history of other countries [ 18 ]. Contemporary intercultural education aims at support for the process of shaping identities enriched with elements of different cultures – multidimensional identities which harmoniously nkkitorowicz local, regional, state, national, European or even global dimensions.

Level Edukacjx fluency level Socio-linguistic propriety C1 Person using the language on this level understands wide range of difficult, lengthy text and is able to see hidden meanings expressed indirectly.