julio 9, a pm . hola me entere apenas de esa saga vi el libro de despertar en una libreria,tngo interes en leerlos no sabia q habia otras para los que quieren saber hay varios libros de cronicas vampiricas. Isamlq. Mar 01, Isamlq rated it did not like it · review of another edition. If the show had not been made, if I had not read a ton of other vampire books, THE. en Hispanoamérica y Crónicas Vampíricas en España) es una serie de novelas Despertar (en inglés: The Awakening), es la primer novela de la serie. .. se trasladó a Covington, Georgia, después de terminar el episodio 1×01 ” Piloto”.

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Todas las novelas que menciono tienen como protagoniastas a una chica y un chico, uno humano y otro vampiro. Someone is murdering innocents in the town!

I did not like the characters – especially Elena. See all 18 questions about The Awakening…. I can’t wait for Nina Dobrev, one of my favorite actresses! I intend to answer in the affirmative and with a straight face that, yes, I did read the books she got me. Here’s how I’d describe the plot: I can’t believe I almost forgot!!!!! But I guess I was wrong to some extent. Oh yes, I forgot! View all 5 comments. And she is a superficial bitch who is willing to have what she wants, because she is also a spoiled parasite.


And he apparently stalks her. Elena is determined, Bonnie is adorable, Meredith is snarky, Matt is a nice guy, and Stefan is somehow not as bad as I remembered. I didn’t expect this book to be what it was.

I Picture the scene.

Despertar Cronicas Vampiricas

I know people don’t like Elena because she’s selfish and shallow but that doesn’t bother me. I have about a million positive things to say and only vampiriccas negative: Caroline Forbes tiene un gran cambio de personalidad.

Elena necesita a Stefan para ayudarla a combatir el mal. Her favorite movies are The Seven Samurai and Avatar analyze that!

I didn’t even bother with the other 4 or the rest it was that bad for cronucas Dec 19, Elle rated it did not like it Shelves: The writing was sub-par and I just could not relate to any of the characters.

They all looked, at least.

Plus, it’s got rockin’ 90’s fashions, like hot despertae dresses and perms. Stuff happens, blah blah blah, after some angst, they finally get together.

L Que andes bien saludos. Well, I didn’t like this book.

Feed para los fans

La primera entrega, Damon: I enjoyed it alot and will be continuing with the series! Damon Driven by revenge, he hunted the brother who betrayed him. Feb 06, Lindsey rated it really liked it.

I’m thinking that I cronicaas a really big mistake.

[PDF] DESPERTAR – CRONICAS VAMPIRICAS 1 (Spanish Edition) Full Colection – video dailymotion

Okay, this was MY Twilight before there was Twilgiht. What’s about true beauty? Another creepy YA lover. But it was still an easy, enjoyable read and if I hadn’t been convinced that I was in for an entirely different type of ride, then I’d probably have enjoyed it even more. I have a new blog about my Crnicas Diaries fanfic.


The Awakening (The Vampire Diaries, #1) by L.J. Smith

I will say it once again: Published March 1st by HarperCollins Publishers first published Apr 11, Kim M rated it it was ok Shelves: I’ve watched the tv show for quite a while, which I admit definitely colors my reception of the book. The rating is now 2 stars after some consideration. And I am supposed to like her?

He believes that he is no longer worthy of happiness, and instead seeks to blend into society only to find acceptance in Elena. I have to admit that the cliffhanger ending was a nice touch. Elena was way too prom-queeny for my taste, and Stefan didn’t ring any bells for me either.

Flighty, believing herself entitled, and very insensitive to the needs and feelings of those around her poor Matt! If anyone would ever ask me for my suggestions, I’d rather say, “Okay, deepertar, I’m now against my own laws.