Referenzpreissystem (RPS); Österreich hat aber bislang kein derartiges. System eingeführt. .. B. der Apothekenbetriebsordnung) notwen- dig, um eine. Apotheke in Wien Schwechat rkorn Flughafen Law: Apothekengesetz, Apothekenbetriebsordnung, Arzneimittelgesetz. You can review the various. Otto Pommer (Apotheker, Ausbildung in Österreich absolviert) Apothekengesetz, Apothekenbetriebsordnung, Arzneimittelgesetz, sowie die Berufssitte des.

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Abschnitt 2 Richtlinien, 2. The result of the hygiene measures should be proven by microbiological examination.

Spread hand disinfectant by rubbing according to instructions for use 3. All guidelines only emphasize priorities. Area in which at a determined point of time a certain preparation activity is exclusively executed, e.

Has been ensured that sterreicy staff is equally included into the trainings regarding the hygiene concept? Insbesondere ist dabei zu achten auf:.

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Trennung von anderen Arbeitsbereichen, 4. Slip gloves over disinfected, dry hands Dispose gloves after work in waste bin, hand cleaning, if necessary hand disinfection. Open packing material units have to be stored in a way that a subsequent contamination can be excluded. A disinfection in advance e. The definition “pharmaceutical product” according to 17 is limited to the human field. The necessary hygiene status is to be possibly ensured when purchasing primary materials; as required, measures regarding a germ count reduction have to be taken.


Has been ensured that co-workers can stay in the preparation area when working at the open product and has been prevented that they might be called away to the telephone or to serve customers? Is a dispenser with disinfectant for surgical and hygienical hand disinfection available?

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Im Sinne dieser Verordnung bedeutet:. Measure for the selective reduction of germ counts with the objective of preventing a transmittance of infectious germs pathogenic germs by their deadening this applies to a virus. The hygiene concept has to be explained to new employees. The pharmacy head is responsible for instruction and control in the field of hygiene.

The objective of each employee should be to continuously improve safety and effectiveness of the working process. If necessary reusable storage vessels have to be transported outside of the preparation area for cleaning and sterilized or disinfected with alcohol of suited concentration.

Exterior packagings secondary packing materials of drug and auxiliary substances are to be removed before bringing stegreich substances into the preparation area. Quality and test characteristics of pharmaceutical primary materials and preparations.

Continuing activities at the open product preparation of Defekturen preparation of commercial quantities of a product – as contrast to individual preparation. Co-workers suffering from respiratory tract diseases who perform activities within the preparation area continuing activities at open product. It has to be prevented that receptacles returned by patients might get into the preparation area. The application of the stipulations has to be effected directly at the place of work by the working person striving for optimal effectiveness.


Disinfection measure for the deadening of germs after skin contact with infectious material before carrying out cleaning measures.

The preparation area should be located in a less frequented zone or separated from the surroundings by protective walls reaching to the ceiling at least from three sides.

Model instructions always have orientating character; they serreich to be adapted and completed according to operational specifications. Hand disinfection for the reduction of bacteria flora foreign to skin and characteristical for skin.

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If interruptions cannot be avoided, open products have to be covered in an appropriate manner watch glass, film. Has been ensured that only certified primary containers are used for packaging if available? Amtliche deutsche Ausgabe, Text 5. Is there an indication that the deadlines for the storing of freshly produced or freshly opened water in containers are adhered to?

Sensibilisierungspotential der Arzneimittel, 2.

All employees are obliged to adhere to the hygiene concept and to contribute to the improvement of the hygiene status. The waste containers should not be touched during preparation.