Request PDF on ResearchGate | On Jul 1, , Susanne Schech and others published Ananya Roy, Poverty Capital: Microfinance and the Making of. Poverty Capital: Microfinance and the Making of Development Ananya Roy. Rout – Ananya Roy was inspired to write the book by the large numbers of students. Ananya Roy’s recent book, Poverty Capital: Microfinance and the Making of Development, brilliantly captures a growing global consensus.

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Creative Capitalism In his Nobel lecture, Yunus a noted that in order to resolve the problem of crushing poverty, the world has to rethink some of the basic assumptions of free-market ideologies. Second, what are the ways in capiral development converts one form of capital into another, thereby producing what I have called poverty capital? She is also the founding chair of a new undergraduate curriculum in Global Povverty and Practice. Second, I studied the margins of millennial development: This approach sees microfinance as explicitly distinct from, and even opposed to, commercial banking.

Poverty Capital: Microfinance and the Making of Development

It is that wide-mouthed funnel, with much at the top and little at the bottom. But this time the criticism was explicitly directed at Yunus, a national figure who until now had enjoyed unquestioned moral legitimacy. It is a bold vision, which expresses a heady confidence in markets—markets that work rather than fail. From securitization deals engineered by microfinance investment funds to allocations made by the Gates Foundation, the talk is usually in the millions of dollars.

In this chapter, I take a closer look at the Bangladesh model of microfinance, its debates and its contributions. Like Serageldin, Wolfensohn was quite directly influenced by the McNamara era. The World Bank is not only a financial institution—it is a development agency. Social and economic advance of people, and not just one person but large numbers of people.


As Wall Street banks collapsed, so the resilience of microfinance and thus of the poor became the topic of much discussion and hope. Alison rated it really liked it Oct 23, What were the real effects on poverty?

First, do markets work? He locates the roots of microfinance in tenth-century Buddhist temples in China, in the Maimonides principles of the twelfth century that encouraged financial assistance to the poor, and in fifteenth- and sixteenth-century merchant funds in England that were meant to lend to entrepreneurial borrowers.

The concerts of the rock band U2 have the feel of a Global Studies class- room, with an electronic scroll ticking out the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. For Stiglitz, the Washington consensus was strongly contradicted by the East Asian case, where strong, developmental states had secured both economic growth and improvements in human development.

And it is here that Christian microfinance, in surprising and perhaps unintended fashion, calls into question the premises of millennial development. In the midst of the financial crisis, inthe Wall Street Journal April 21, reported that Compartamos was posting a growth in net profits of nearly 25 percent. The permission to narrate is also linked to the anaanya of capital accumulation, to the command and control of surplus value.

Credit as a Human Right Let me start with the foundational idea behind captal.

Poverty Capital: Microfinance and the Making of Development by Ananya Roy

Replacing the face-to-face relationship between the micro- finance client and the loan officer is now a web of transactions mediated by credit scores, smart cards, biometric identification, and information flows. Finca will provide access to clients through its network of village banks and train its clients on the use of electronic payment solutions and share its expert knowledge.

At an optical scanning device—similar to an automatic teller machine—she swipes her smart card and verifies her identity by placing her thumb in an electronic fingerprint authenticator attached to the card annanya. The Creation of an Asset Class As the Washington consensus on poverty rejects the rituals of older forms of microfinance, so it inaugurates its own rituals. These objects, and these women, were bound in a system of exploitative moneylending, a ananha that Yunus set out to end.

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The distribution of such capital exerts a structural effect, conferring power over loverty system of social relations. The biometrically scanned body of the Third World woman anchors these circuits of capital and truth. The organization Focus on the Global South, headquartered in Bangkok, phrases this in a slightly different way: Inthe Whole Planet Foundation, Banrural, and the Grameen Trust entered into an agreement to establish a microfinance organization in Guatemala.

The ethics of development is also an important theme in a kinder and gentler World Bank.

It is a financial indicator borrowed from the very banking industry that microfinance was supposed to challenge. But the summit was to have little of this.

Instructors presented the key principles as the following: Poverty was an instance of market failure, demonstrating the inability of markets to provide collective goods. In these frontiers of imperialism, where war and aid operate simultaneously, the development business is an important livelihood for a decimated middle class. Africa tops the list. For me, the painting evokes the drama that is at work in microfinance and in the making of development.

She is also the founding chair of a new ooverty graduate curriculum in Global Poverty and Practice.

For Fukuyama, free-market capitalism and liberal democracy were not simply a reality; they were ideals that could not be improved upon.