Akodon cursor (Winge, ) is a Sigmodontinae rodent commonly called the cursorial akodont. This small cursorial mouse has homogenous dorsal pelage that. Akodon cursor. cursor grass mouse. Akodon cursor. ADW Pocket Guides on the iOS App Store! The Animal Diversity Web team is excited to announce ADW. Akodon cursor is one of the most common species in the forest and forest- grassland ecotones. In Misiones province, Argentina, they are found in a variety of.

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There is little information on longevity in Akodon cursor.

Akodon cursor ( Rodentia : Cricetidae )

Gentile and Cerqueira, ; Fernandez, et al. Akodon montensis is a natural host to the parasite Besrioitia sp. This species occupies a range from southeastern and central Brazil through Uruguay, Paraguay, and northeastern Argentina.

Redford and Eisenberg; Nowak, Freeman and Company, San Francisco, pp. Deforestation within the range of A.

Juveniles weigh around 30g for females and 28g for males. The offspring are weaned after days, and sexual maturity is reached around days for males and days for females. No significant differences between male and female movements patterns have been observed.

They have a typical mouse-like appearance, with short whiskers and stubby claws on the feet. Glossary Neotropical living in the southern part of the New World. Most births usually occur in dry periods but reproductive patterns are not distinct.


As a result most juveniles are present during periods of low precipitation. Retrieved from ” https: Delayed implantation is thought to occur in some species of Akodon and may occur in Akodon cursor as well.

Connect with us Help us improve the site by taking our survey. Akodon cursor Winge Walker’s Mammals of the World. Services on Demand Journal. Akodon cursor will occasionally hybridize with other species of the same genus including Akodon montensis. Cursor grass mice are omnivorous.

Cursor grass mice breed throughout the year, although most births occur during the dry season between Cugsor and September. Lower mobility of Akodon cursor is also paired with higher aggregation and more permanent populations.

Endothermy is a synapomorphy of the Mammalia, although it may have arisen in a now extinct synapsid ancestor; the fossil record does not distinguish these possibilities. Geographic Range This species occupies a range from southeastern and central Brazil through Uruguay, Paraguay, and northeastern Argentina. Akodon montensis and Akodon cursor are segregated by elevation. The sub-adult class aakodon females ranging from 30gg and males ranging from 28gg.

Akodon montensis has a small home-range size with individuals occupying no more than square meters. Mammals of the Neotropics. Classification Kingdom Animalia animals Animalia: Cytogenetics of the South American akodont rodents Cricetidae.

Juvenile males weigh 28g and juvenile females weigh 30g. A colchicine hypotonic citrate squash sequence for mammalian chromosomes. Send correspondence to I.


Akodon cursor is a medium sized, vole-like mouse, with short limbs, and a short tail. A variety of raptors and other carnivores feed on this species Eisenberg and Redford Small mammal inventories in an eastern Brazilian park. New karyotypes and somatic and germ-cell banding in Akodon arviculoides Rodentia, Cricetidae. Adult males weigh around 45g and the females can weigh more than 40g Emmons and FeerGentile and D’Andrea All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License.

How to cite this article. The tail is sparsely haired and almost bicolored. Sigmodontiane in Southeastern South America: Females usually have 2 litters per year, with each litter averaging young. One way to distinguish the two is that Akodon cursor has a gall bladder, whereas Akodon montensis does not.

Akodon cursor (montensis) – Vertebrate Collection | UWSP

Akodon montensis will hybridize with other species within the same genus, especially with Akodon cursor. Retrieved 9 February Cytogenetics and Cell Genetics.

Vegetation is made up mostly of grasses, the height and species diversity of which depend largely on the amount of moisture available.